Recently I opened my new chapter with my dearest husband.

We've moved to Paris from London.

It was a great pleasure to meet you all and have lots of wonderful experience.

Many people encouraged me and gave me new opportunities.
Now I know why London is called the cit...

"Time spent playing with your children is never wasted" -Unknown

I believe this word.

I haven't got my own children yet, however I understand the time spent with children is very precious through my experience as a nursery school teacher in London.

Even if paren...

I've just came back from my holidays. This time, I went back to my home country, Japan.

Have you ever been to Japan?

I had several photo sessions while I stayed in Japan.

Japan....You are full of culture and beauty.

Lots of delicious food, beautiful traditions, kind people...

Growing as a family is a big step in people's life and wonderful thing.

I had a family photo session with a couple soon mum and dad to be.

It was a very beautiful day.

But their love was even more beautiful.

I loved how they look at each other and how they look at their cu...

I had a life style photo session with Emily from Australia.

She is an incredible make-up artist and blogger.

She just started travelling in Europe for 6 months.

How fantastic is this!?

(I love travelling. If I have enough money and time, I'd love to go around the world!!)


Recently I've been enjoying my photo sessions during this beautiful spring.

The other day, I had photo session with a family (a boy and his mother).

This spring was the baby boy's first spring!

He was really curious about green grass. He loved squeezing it.

Loved capturing...

Over the Easter weekend, it had been raining in London.

I had a lifestyle photo session at V&A museum.

It is a good idea to spend time at a museum on a rainy day.

You can learn about the art

or you can have a cup of tea in a beautiful room.

I love capturing simple moments.


I love going to Paris.
I had a photo session with Linh and Duc during this trip.

They are professional photographers at "through glass paris photo".

They said "Paris is the city of Love."
Every single moment is very Romantic.

"Be romantic" Linh's word tells what Pari...

I had another family photo session today.
The daughter will be 3 years old soon, and this session is for her birthday memory.

The mother is a professional pianist, and her daughter loves playing piano like her.

I love capturing how they enjoy their time together. It is v...

Sunset/Twillight is my favourite time.

I love the atmosphere, lightning, and colour of the sky.

I had a photo session with this beautiful lady on the thames river side.

The colour of the sky and her hair matched really nicely.

Every time her hair waved in the wind, I thoug...

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